It is not everyday that you get to chat face to face with the creator of a highly relevant open source project. Accordingly, we were highly anticipating a certain visit in mid-October, 2018.
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Webpack Creator Visits trivago Headquarters

Tobias Koppers joined us for discussion and presentations and talked about the past, present, and future of webpack

It was a very special occasion for all JavaScript enthusiasts at trivago: Tobias Koppers, original creator of webpack, and now member of the webpack core team, visited us in our Düsseldorf office. Since we rely on webpack to build not only some very important internal tools, but also our core product, its importance to us cannot be overstated.

Moreover, webpack configuration in a large-scale project can easily get out of hand, so we were eager to discuss some of our configuration decisions with the man who caused all this trouble ;-)

A group of trivago developers in discussion with Tobias Koppers, original creator of webpack

The first day of Tobias' two-day visit was therefore dominated by a long code review in a large group, during which we went through some of our configurations together. Tobias could give us some valuable hints how to do certain things better, or also confirm that we were on the right track where we were not quite sure.

On the second day, there was a slightly more official event on the agenda: Tobias gave a talk on the past, present, and future of webpack. Since we consider ourselves part of a community, we did not keep this event trivago-only, but opened it up to anybody who was interested via eventbrite.

Tobias Koppers presenting in the trivago cinema

The Q&A session after the talk went a lot in the direction of Web Assembly, a hot topic that — probably no coincidence — was also the subject of Tobias' talk at RuhrJS shortly after his visit to trivago.

It was a great pleasure and a great honour to have Tobias with us. We learned a lot and got a better impression of what is going on behind the scenes of webpack, what led to some of its design decisions, and what to expect in the near future.

A portrait photo of Tobias Koppers

Tobias, keep up the great work, and whenever you are near Düsseldorf, you are always welcome to stop by!

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