Read Postmortem: Removing all users from

Postmortem: Removing all users from

While engineering, we fix bugs, create new systems, build workflows and establish processes. Our job is to change things. Changing things can involve mistakes that ultimately lead to the failure of a particular system. To learn from these failures, a retrospective is helpful to get to the root of this problem. In the tech industry, a Blameless PostMortem is the right tool for this job.

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Read Learn Redis the hard way (in production)

Learn Redis the hard way (in production)

For our products, like the trivago [hotel search](, we are using [Redis]( a lot. The use cases vary: Caching, temporary storage of data before moving those into another storage or a typical database for hotel meta data including persistence. The main parts of the hotel search are built with PHP and the Symfony Framework for the frontend (web) and Java for the backend part. In this article, we will focus on the collaboration between our PHP application and Redis. Both are running fine, but it was a long and hard way up to the current situation. This is the story of how we learned to use Redis, including our failures and experience.

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