Ankia Wolf

Ankia Wolf

Ankia is a copywriter in our Employer Branding team. When she's not writing, she's planning her next trip or obsessing over good food and wine.

Beyond trivago Tech Pt.1: Side-Projects from Our Developers

Fanatic learning is one of trivago's core values that forms a fundamental part of our engineering culture. It's very valuable to have curious minds around you that connect the dots to come up with new ideas and love to exchange knowledge on various topics. Since many of our engineers are involved in their own initiatives and projects outside work, we decided to introduce you to some of these side projects. The goal is to recognize their achievements and share their knowledge with our broader tech community. Take a look and feel free to reach out to any of them if you'd like to exchange on any of their topics!

Read trivago Tech Check-in: Meet Fabian

trivago Tech Check-in: Meet Fabian

In our new series, trivago Tech Check-in, we're introducing you to some of our tech talents from across the globe who help keep our metasearch engine running smoothly everyday. In this first edition, you'll meet Fabian Fritzsche, an engineering intern that works on the Microservice-System that feeds our GraphQL API with up-to-date hotel data.