Tom Bartel

Tom Bartel

Tom is a software engineer by training and has a special interest in people management, coaching, and recruiting. He shares his thoughts at

Read The First Prettier Plugin For Twig is Here

The First Prettier Plugin For Twig is Here

trivago open sourced a Prettier plugin for the Twig template language. It is available under the Apache 2.0 license, and you can access it on trivago's Github space.

The trivago core product runs on our own frontend framework Melody. Melody uses a Twig-inspired template language because when it was introduced, it had to be interoperable with our existing codebase, which was based on the Symfony PHP framework with Twig as the default template language.

Read Nine Nations, United in Code

Nine Nations, United in Code

Ten participants from nine countries — India, Cuba, Tunisia, England, Poland, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brazil. Even on trivago scale, this kind of diversity was impressive.

These were the software developers who were selected for the trivago Tech Camp 2018, an eight-day event taking place at the trivago campus in Düsseldorf, Germany. The event is aimed primarily at IT students, but the admission rules are not terribly strict — basic-to-intermediate coding and problem-solving skills suffice, and many candidates sent in code samples which were so advanced that we were quite impressed. In the end, we also had a physicist on board.

Read Win a Spot in a 5-day JavaScript Workshop With Kyle Simpson!

Win a Spot in a 5-day JavaScript Workshop With Kyle Simpson!

trivago engineering is excited and looking forward to welcoming Kyle Simpson to the spectacular new trivago Campus.

Kyle will give a 5-day JavaScript workshop starting on the 6th of August, 2018. While the workshop is primarily for trivago employees, we want to share this special occasion with the community as well. Therefore, we have reserved three spots for JavaScript enthusiasts who share our love for open source projects.

Read PHPUnit Code Sprint at trivago Offices, Oct. 13th/14th

PHPUnit Code Sprint at trivago Offices, Oct. 13th/14th

You do not run a successful, stable software project over several years without some amount of automated testing. If several dozens of developers are working on the same code base, the need for test automation becomes even greater. After all, their changes might have unintended effects on other people's code, or on certain edge cases that will not be noticed until the changes go live — and maybe not even then.

Read trivago Tech GetTogether 2016

trivago Tech GetTogether 2016

With engineers spread across four offices, collaboration and communication in trivago's IT is a challenge. Additionally, new engineers join the company all the time, which makes it even harder to figure out who to talk to about certain products, packages, and technologies.

Read How to export a JavaScript module to multiple formats

How to export a JavaScript module to multiple formats

When publishing a JavaScript library, we usually want to make it available to as many people as possible to maximize the library's usefulness and adoption. In that respect, it can be helpful to users to have the library available in their preferred module format - CommonJS, AMD, ES6, etc. This article shows how to use webpack to automatically export multiple formats without having to maintain them separately.

Read trivago Internal Hackathon 2015, 2nd edition

trivago Internal Hackathon 2015, 2nd edition

Twice a year, the trivago software developers gather to have a 2 day internal hackathon. This December saw another round of ambitious creativity, relaxed atmosphere, and good food :-)

One of our core values at trivago is fanatic learning. A great way to learn and expand your knowledge is to creatively try new technologies, or to apply well known technologies to new situations, without having to pay attention to a strict schedule or deadline. Exactly that is what roughly 120 engineers were doing on the first Thursday and Friday in December: It was internal hackathon time, meaning each developer could spend two entire days on their own projects as he or she saw fit.