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Automation-First Approach Using the Karate API Testing Framework

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Adopting an automation-first mindset is the first step to reduce manual and repetitive work. Thinking this way enables us to move faster, and more efficiently. It unburdens us from mundane, repetitive work, allowing us to focus on solving problems and creating value in the Software Development Life Cycle. So the first thing is to look for a tool that helps us write automated tests faster and is easy to maintain.

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Monitoring Backend

Nomad - our experiences and best practices

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Hello from trivago’s performance & monitoring team. One important part of our job is to ship more than a terabyte of logs and system metrics per day, from various data sources into elasticsearch, several time series databases and other data sinks. We do so by reading most of the data from multiple Kafka clusters and processing them with nearly 100 Logstashes. Our clusters currently consists of ~30 machines running Debian 7 with bare-metal installations of the aforementioned services.

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