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Read Accommodation Consolidation: How we created an ETL pipeline on cloud
Backend Engineering Culture

Accommodation Consolidation: How we created an ETL pipeline on cloud

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Imagine you go to your hotel for check-in and they say that your dog is not allowed even though the website clearly states that it is! trivago gets information about millions of accommodations from hundreds of partners and they keep on updating. There are many differences not just in the data format, but also in the data itself. There can be many discrepancies in the information and consolidating them can be a very complex process.

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Read Why We Chose Go
Backend DevOps

Why We Chose Go

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To the outside, trivago appears to be one single software product providing our popular hotel meta search. Behind the scenes, however, it is home to dozens of projects and tools to support it. Teams are encouraged to choose the programming languages and frameworks that will get the job done best. Only few restrictions are placed on the teams in these decisions, primarily long-term maintainability. As a result, trivago has a largely polyglot code base that fosters creativity and diverse thinking.

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Read Getting Ready For The Big Data Apocalypse
Backend Data Science Engineering

Getting Ready For The Big Data Apocalypse

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trivago Intelligence was born in 2013 with two main objectives: First, to provide bidding capability to the advertisers, who are listed on trivago, and second, to provide them with metrics related to their own hotels; like clicks, revenue, and bookings (typical BI data). This project faced a wave of inevitable data growth which lead to a refactoring process which produced a lot of learnings for the team. As I expect it to be useful for other teams who deal with similar challenges, this article will describe why a team started a full migration of technologies, how we did it and the result of it.

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Read Automation-First Approach Using the Karate API Testing Framework
Open Source Backend

Automation-First Approach Using the Karate API Testing Framework

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Adopting an automation-first mindset is the first step to reduce manual and repetitive work. Thinking this way enables us to move faster, and more efficiently. It unburdens us from mundane, repetitive work, allowing us to focus on solving problems and creating value in the Software Development Life Cycle. So the first thing is to look for a tool that helps us write automated tests faster and is easy to maintain.

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Read Nomad - our experiences and best practices
Monitoring Backend DevOps

Nomad - our experiences and best practices

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Hello from trivago’s performance & monitoring team. One important part of our job is to ship more than a terabyte of logs and system metrics per day, from various data sources into elasticsearch, several time series databases and other data sinks. We do so by reading most of the data from multiple Kafka clusters and processing them with nearly 100 Logstashes. Our clusters currently consists of ~30 machines running Debian 7 with bare-metal installations of the aforementioned services.

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