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Read trivago Tech Camp 2017

trivago Tech Camp 2017

At the end of August 2017, ten students set foot in the trivago headquarters in Düsseldorf to be part of the first ever trivago Tech Camp. Two weeks were packed with real-world challenges, guest lectures, Q&A sessions, and tons of other opportunities to learn. In the end, a lot of working software was delivered.

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Read Code Review: Best Practices and Common Pitfalls

Code Review: Best Practices and Common Pitfalls

At trivago we have been using code reviews as a part of our process for a good while now. In the beginning they weren't used by many teams but as word of their positive impact spread, more and more teams started adopting this practice, benefiting every day from its many advantages. Like any new practice it has been a learning process from the start. In this blog post I will cover why code reviews are incredibly beneficial when done right and will share what we have learned and which best practices we employ.

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