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Read Postmortem: Removing all users from
Engineering Engineering Culture

Postmortem: Removing all users from

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While engineering, we fix bugs, create new systems, build workflows and establish processes. Our job is to change things. Changing things can involve mistakes that ultimately lead to the failure of a particular system. To learn from these failures, a retrospective is helpful to get to the root of this problem. In the tech industry, a Blameless PostMortem is the right tool for this job. We engineers at trivago started applying this practice in 2019 and have been refining it continuously since then.

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Read How we build the Image Gallery on trivago
Engineering Backend Cloud

How we build the Image Gallery on trivago

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When was the last time you booked accommodation without checking its photos? Most probably never! Because having imagery information makes our decision-making process much easier and faster. However, picking up the best possible images of a hotel to show to the user is an interesting problem to solve, because it can be a naive random selection or a sophisticated machine learning model to know what the user truly wants at that moment.

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Read trivago Magazine's Journey to Server-Side Rendering
Engineering Frontend Open Source

trivago Magazine's Journey to Server-Side Rendering

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In the beginning of 2019, the trivago Magazine team decided to switch over from a JavaScript Single Page Application to Server-Side Rendering. This article describes the why, the how, and further challenges of this journey. Single Page Applications and their Issues The trivago Magazine started as a simple WordPress (WP) blog about interesting hotels and travel destinations. We used a customized WP theme that provided proper user navigation as well as SEO and further functionality.

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Read Getting Ready For The Big Data Apocalypse
Backend Data Science Engineering

Getting Ready For The Big Data Apocalypse

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trivago Intelligence was born in 2013 with two main objectives: First, to provide bidding capability to the advertisers, who are listed on trivago, and second, to provide them with metrics related to their own hotels; like clicks, revenue, and bookings (typical BI data). This project faced a wave of inevitable data growth which lead to a refactoring process which produced a lot of learnings for the team. As I expect it to be useful for other teams who deal with similar challenges, this article will describe why a team started a full migration of technologies, how we did it and the result of it.

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Read Machine Learning and Bathtubs - How Small Visual Changes Improve User Experience
Data Science Engineering

Machine Learning and Bathtubs - How Small Visual Changes Improve User Experience

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While searching for “Spa and Wellness hotels in Berlin…” I land on trivago. Surprisingly the main images of the hotels exactly reflect the spa concept that I am searching for. It helped me better compare hotels on the list for finding my ideal accommodation for my vacation! This was the user experience we were looking for when we kicked off the Image Concepts project at trivago. The users with clear hotel search intent who are looking for a specific concept hotel before coming to trivago are redirected to the landing pages related to that particular topic.

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