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Read A New Functional Approach to Complex Types in Apache Hive
Open Source Data Science

A New Functional Approach to Complex Types in Apache Hive

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When faced with the challenge to store, retrieve and process small or large amounts of data, structured query languages are typically not far away. These languages serve as a nice abstraction between the goal that is to be achieved and how it is actually done. The list of successful applications of this extra layer is long. MySQL users could switch from MyISAM to InnoDB or use new algorithms like Multi-Range-Read without a change to their application.

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Read Splitting a Monitoring Monolith into Separate Components
Monitoring Open Source

Splitting a Monitoring Monolith into Separate Components

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Ever heard about Microservices? Those tiny litte pieces of code that are used to split a big pile of magic into smaller pieces of magic? Well, they’re not that tiny after all and require lots of preliminary work to use them properly. Have a look at this post to hear about my journey of splitting an existing monolith written in PHP up into several microservices written in Go.

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Read Python Hackathon at trivago
Engineering Culture Open Source

Python Hackathon at trivago

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Hackathons! That’s where you feel super excited about creating something interesting, or useful, or just entertaining. They are a great way to encourage creativity and teamwork. Recently, trivago hosted a Python Hackathon in collaboration with the Python Usergroup Düsseldorf. The event was a full success!

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