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Read trivago Tech Camp 2017
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trivago Tech Camp 2017

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At the end of August 2017, ten students set foot in the trivago headquarters in Düsseldorf to be part of the first ever trivago Tech Camp. Two weeks were packed with real-world challenges, guest lectures, Q&A sessions, and tons of other opportunities to learn. In the end, a lot of working software was delivered.

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Read CSS done right - Post RTLCSS

CSS done right - Post RTLCSS

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Our first right-to-left platform was released in 2014. We had developed a solution to generate right-to-left CSS with Sass mixins and variables as we have described in a blog article. We used this approach for nearly 3 years but recently migrated the right-to-left CSS generation from pre-processing to post-processing with RTLCSS. With this article I would like to share the reasons for the migration as well as our experiences and lessons learned.

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