An Open Door to Open Source: Relive our OSS Conference

An Open Door to Open Source: Relive our OSS Conference

A quick recap

At the end of last year, to celebrate our continued sponsorship of the Open Source community, we hosted a small conference with special guests at our Düsseldorf campus. We initially hoped to welcome Tobias Koppers and Sean Larkin from Webpack, plus some internal speakers. What we didn’t expect was the huge amount of fantastic speakers who wanted to present their projects to the community. In the end, Sean unfortunately couldn’t make it but we did have a chance to welcome Marvin Hagemeister, Juan Picado, Norbert de Langen and Pia Mancini as speakers, plus our own amazing talents.

We also asked our external guests to donate an amount of their own choice to osdiversity, WomenWhoCode, or BIPOCIT and promised to match their donations. In the end we decided to add 1000€. That resulted in a donation of 1231€ that has since been distributed equally between the three organisations.

In summary we had a fantastic day full of learning, meeting amazing people, sharing stories and contributing towards diversity and inclusion in our community. You can check out the recordings of the talks below!

Live Coding: A Custom Localisation Plugin for Webpack

Tobias Koppers live codes a Webpack Plugin for embedded localisation data in an application.

Open Source Sustainability

Pia Mancini explains why Open Collective is such an important partner for both, companies who want to contribute to Open Source communities, and those communities.

Why Melody?

Patrick Gotthardt talks about why we decided to implement our own frontend framework Melody and why we decided to keep it.

The Past. The Present. And the Future

Tobias Koppers takes us through what is happening with Webpack 5 and how it got to be where it is today.


Why would you want to run your own NPM Registry? This talk by Juan Picado and trivago’s Ayush Sharma provides all the reasons why. After watching this talk the question will be: Can you afford not to?


Norbert de Langen talks about how he ended up being a core maintainer of Storybook and where the project is heading to.

Do More With Less

Marvin Hagemeister, one of the Preact core maintainers, shares his experience with reducing code size and complexity through taking a step back and solid architecture.

Lightning Talk: Snippet

Matthias Endler, one of trivago’s own talents, presents Snippet. An open source VS Code extension he wrote to automate the process of finding and copying solutions from Stack Overflow.

Lightning Talk: My First Contribution

What does it feel like to contribute to a prominent Open Source project like Babel as part of your Bachelor Thesis? trivago talent Behrang Yarahmadi takes us through his experience with his first open source contribution and the lessons he learned.

Lightning Talk: Buzzers

Andreas Grunwald, a Domain Lead at trivago, shows that Open Source can also be fun and that putting an idea out there can sometimes lead to totally unexpected but fantastic results.

Lightning Talk: Open Source in the Workplace

Jorge Luis, an engineer at trivago and member of the Apache Foundation, talks about what Open Source means in an engineers daily job. How can we contribute to existing projects? How can we make our own projects accessible to others?


We are really happy to have had so many outstanding speakers share their knowledge and perspective with trivago talents and our guests. We celebrated Open Source in the best way possible: By sharing knowledge with the community.