Beyond trivago Tech Pt. 2: Four More Side Projects from Our Developers

This is part two of our series about trivago engineer’s side projects. The first part is here.

As always, take a look and feel free to reach out to any of them if you’d like to exchange on any of their topics!

Hello Rust

Our backend engineer Matthias Endler is running a YouTube channel about the Rust project as a side-project. In there he explains the ins and outs of the language, but his goal is not only to present information; rather, he’s striving to inspire fellow developers to try the language and stay curious. Each episode is between 15 and 30 minutes long and ranges from topics like idiomatic Rust over systems programming and foreign function interfaces.

If that sounds like something you’re into, go check out his blog and the website for the channel. Make sure to give him some feedback through his Twitter account.

Follow @matthiasendler and @hellorustshow, and check out Hello Rust on Github.

You Learn Better When You Teach

Being the son of two teachers, Tom Bartel has inherited the joy of passing on knowledge. He does so on his blog, which focuses not on code, but rather on communication and engineering management. For example, you can learn about how to properly give critical feedback or how to gracefully watch your people become better than you in technical things.

However, Tom also enjoys teaching programming. He has a German introductory course on Node.js at Udemy, where he explains the very fundamentals of creating a web server in Node, why it makes sense to use a framework, and how Promises really work. While creating this course, it became very evident to him that the best way to really learn something is to teach it to others.

Follow @twbartel

Smart Home Devices

One of our Site Reliability Engineers, Hendrik Maus, is literally having a life on a pony farm. The farm is powered by an on-premise Kubernetes cluster and is automated in many areas. For example, the power fences for the horse paddocks are monitored continuously using ESP8266 microcontrollers and report their status to Prometheus which utilizes Alertmanager in order to ensure an uninterrupted service by notifying the inhabitants of anomalies.

Follow Hendrik on Github.

Social Entrepreneurship During the Pandemic

Our data scientist and engineer, Sayon Kumar Saha, loves to immerse himself into the local tech-community and social-awareness events! His voluntary initiatives range from co-organizing monthly Düsseldorf Data Science Meetups to spreading technology and sustainability awareness with TEDx Kassel.

Continuing the streak, he participated in the EUvsVirus Hackathon led by European Commission when the world went on lockdown beginning of 2020. He wrote a blog post about his experiences. Since that successful hackathon, he continues to work part-time with Voicemed on the machine learning topic of Covid-19 pre-diagnosis with cough, breath and voice samples. He enjoys being part of the passionate group, coming remotely from across the globe to hack the crisis, and shaping a health-startup out of a series of hackathons.

Follow Sayon’s blog at or his instagram at crazy_lens for more tech-community, photography and travel stories!

It’s a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed our whirlwind tour around our developer’s side hustles.

Big or small, we’re excited about each contribution we make to the broader engineering community. In the same vein, we also support Open Source projects. Take a look at our sponsoring page.