QA meetup:  Presentations Summary

QA meetup:  Presentations Summary

Meetups are one of our favourite events at trivago. They give us the opportunity to learn, share knowledge & experience, as well as network with fellow professionals and enthusiasts in the industry and community.

We recently arranged a QA meetup in trivago on the 22nd of June, 2023 with around 70 attendees and the feedback we received from participants was positive and encouraging.

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We had a total of 4 presentations:

  1. Welcome to Robot Framework: Many Kasiriha from DB Schenker spoke in great detail about the Robot Framework - an open source automaton framework which his team uses. He shared some examples using a demo TODO app, highlighting aspects such as Easy and Simple Syntax, Clear Logs and Reports, Open and Extensible Nature, and Active and Helpful Community Support. The complete presentation can be downloaded from here.
  2. Testing Stories: From IBM Host to ReactJs: Sriram Ilango from Zurich Gruppe Deutschland passionately shared testing stories from the Mainframe Universe. He expressed his views on the testing pyramid and how their team modernises their Mainframe tests. The complete presentation can be downloaded from here.
  3. Observability at trivago: Our very own Anastasia Kutafina shared some interesting insights about the “what” and “how” of observability at trivago. She spoke about both the approach and tooling while also highlighting the role that QA plays in observability. The complete presentation can be downloaded from here.
  4. API Testing and more: Peter Thomas rom Karate Labs shared his thoughts around API economy, and test automation challenges thereby highlighting the relevance of API testing. He also shared the story behind the why and how he came up with Karate framework while highlighting the strengths of the framework. The complete presentation can be downloaded from here.

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After the presentations, all the attendees passionately exchanged around various QA topics and made some new friends during the networking session. We loved the vibe of the entire event and can’t wait for the next edition of the “QA meetup”.