PHPUnit Code Sprint at trivago Offices, Oct. 13th/14th

PHPUnit Code Sprint at trivago Offices, Oct. 13th/14th

You do not run a successful, stable software project over several years without some amount of automated testing. If several dozens of developers are working on the same code base, the need for test automation becomes even greater. After all, their changes might have unintended effects on other people’s code, or on certain edge cases that will not be noticed until the changes go live — and maybe not even then.

If you set up an architecture for automated testing, there is virtually no way around unit testing. And in the PHP world, investing in unit testing means there is virtually no way around PHPUnit. It has been the de facto standard for writing unit tests in PHP for years, and is used so widely that it might almost be considered a part of PHP itself rather than as a separate library.

Running several thousand unit tests multiple times a day, trivago relies heavily on PHPUnit. Therefore, we have a great interest in its ongoing development so that it can continue to provide value to generations of developers and projects. Moreover, trivago techies are proud members of their respective communities, and trivago is serious about giving back to the community.

The event

Concentrated faces...

Therefore, trivago is hosting a PHPUnit code sprint to bring together motivated developers who want to drive the development of PHPUnit forward and meet like-minded people with whom they can exchange ideas. Participation is free. The facts:

Sebastian Bergmann, the creator of PHPUnit, will personally support the event, provide ideas what to work on, answer questions, and generally exchange thoughts and feedback.

trivago will provide the working environment, as well as food, and drinks. Nobody ever had to leave a trivago event hungry, and we intend to keep it that way ;-)

What is a Code Sprint?

Code sprints are similar to Hackathons, but usually target one single project — in this case, of course, PHPUnit. Together, we will add features, fix bugs, add and improve documentation, enhance existing functionality, and write tests — because, if PHPUnit is not well-tested, then what will be?

At the beginning of the 2-day code sprint, Sebastian will present the current state of PHPUnit to help you get started. There will be a list of suggestions — existing bugs, new feature ideas, etc. — you can choose from, but you can as well bring your own ideas and work on those.

If you are interested in participating, please register for a free ticket here. We speak German, English, and a lot of other languages. As mentioned, there is a limit of 20 spaces, so you should make your mind up quickly. In case you have a ticket and you realize that you cannot attend after all, please tell us as soon as possible. You might make somebody else very happy by passing your ticket on. For any inquiries or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us at

See you there!

We at trivago Tech are looking forward to welcoming you to our beautiful offices to exchange on any kind of tech topics and drive a project forward that is at the heart of the PHP ecosystem. See you there!