Sponsoring Webpack

Sponsoring Webpack

Announcing Webpack Sponsoring

For the past few years, Webpack has played a central and important role at trivago. We use it for handling SVG icons and to improve our startup time for the benefit of our users by loading resources on demand. We run a highly complicated build with plenty of custom plugins which perform all sorts of optimisations for us that no other tool would allow us to do. And because we truly love open source we’ve also open sourced our solution to speed up multi-compiler builds, which we rely on heavily to deliver ideal bundles to our users.

Vital Infrastructure Project

In the meantime Webpack has become the standard solution to bundling frontend assets due to its flexibility, stability and continued innovation. They have shown huge commitment to create and maintain a healthy community that is always ready to help others.

Due to its success, Webpack has become one of the most vital pieces in today’s web development and allows developers to focus on building their products without having to think about bundling their code.

Sustainable Open Source

The Webpack Core Team decided to create an open collective for Webpack. Through that, they are hoping to receive a sufficient amount of money to continue to work on the project. So far the project has raised a yearly budget of roughly $104,499 which is not sufficient to sustain their current efforts.

That is why trivago has decided to step up and ensure the sustainability of the Webpack project by contributing $10,000 per month to the Webpack Open Collective. By more than doubling Webpack’s annual budget, we hope to contribute to an even healthier community that will continue to innovate.