Read PHPUnit Code Sprint at trivago Offices, Oct. 13th/14th

PHPUnit Code Sprint at trivago Offices, Oct. 13th/14th

You do not run a successful, stable software project over several years without some amount of automated testing. If several dozens of developers are working on the same code base, the need for test automation becomes even greater. After all, their changes might have unintended effects on other people's code, or on certain edge cases that will not be noticed until the changes go live — and maybe not even then.

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Read Sponsoring Webpack

Sponsoring Webpack

For the past few years, Webpack has played a central and important role at trivago. We use it for handling SVG icons and to improve our startup time for the benefit of our users by loading resources on demand. We run a highly complicated build with plenty of custom plugins which perform all sorts of optimisations for us that no other tool would allow us to do. And because we truly love open source we’ve also open sourced our solution to speed up multi-compiler builds, which we rely on heavily to deliver ideal bundles to our users.

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Read CSS done right - Post RTLCSS

CSS done right - Post RTLCSS

Our first right-to-left platform was released in 2014. We had developed a solution to generate right-to-left CSS with Sass mixins and variables as we have described in a blog article. We used this approach for nearly 3 years but recently migrated the right-to-left generation from pre-processing to post-processing with RTLCSS. With this article I would like to share the reasons for the migration as well as our experiences and lessons learned.

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Read Reportoire, the journey to data source independency

Reportoire, the journey to data source independency

Concepts like separation of concerns, logic decoupling or dependency injection are things we developers have heard more than a couple of times. At trivago, the Android app is developed using the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) architecture, aiming for views as dumb as possible, leaving the decision making to the view models. This leads to an increased test coverage since testing logic in views is something we can’t do that easily.

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