Read How trivago Reduced Memcached Memory Usage by 50%

How trivago Reduced Memcached Memory Usage by 50%

If you’ve never heard about Memcached, it is simply a high-performance, distributed memory caching system which uses a key-value store for strings and objects. Usually, it serves for saving data originally retrieved from a database or external services. As simple as it is, it can improve the performance of your website quite a bit. The API of Memcached is very simple and accessible from most of modern programming languages. A simple example:

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Read How we got rid of 5k lines of our bash release process

How we got rid of 5k lines of our bash release process

When I joined trivago a year ago, we had problems with our releases. The traffic was increasing each day. When we put the server back into the load balancer without warming up the OPcache it would die. From time to time the warmup failed silently. Our DCO (data center operations) crew had to log into the servers and restart a few processes manually. During this time every release was very intense.

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Read Accessibility at trivago

Accessibility at trivago

Accessibility is an important topic for anyone who builds things for the web, and one that is neglected far too often. We at trivago have also been guilty of this, but we are slowly making changes with the aim of improving the accessibility of our site. Identifying and implementing these changes has not been easy. We have faced a number of challenges along the way, and we continue to do so. But we are committed to improving our site so that anyone can access and use the service we provide, regardless of how they do so.

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