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Read A preview of CSS Container Queries

A preview of CSS Container Queries

The still experimental feature of CSS container queries allows us to make child elements listen on the current layout state of their parent element via pure CSS declarations. With the recent implementation of Google Chrome's experimental flag for CSS container queries we're now able to play around with this upcoming feature and already get some insights into it.

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Read CSS done right - Post RTLCSS

CSS done right - Post RTLCSS

Our first [right-to-left platform](https://www.trivago.co.il/) was released in 2014. We had developed a solution to generate right-to-left CSS with Sass mixins and variables as we have [described](https://tech.trivago.com/2015/04/27/right-to-left/) in a blog article. We used this approach for nearly 3 years but recently migrated the right-to-left CSS generation from pre-processing to post-processing with [RTLCSS](http://rtlcss.com/). With this article I would like to share the reasons for the migration as well as our experiences and lessons learned.

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