Read Nine Nations, United in Code

Nine Nations, United in Code

Ten participants from nine countries — India, Cuba, Tunisia, England, Poland, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brazil. Even on trivago scale, this kind of diversity was impressive.

These were the software developers who were selected for the trivago Tech Camp 2018, an eight-day event taking place at the trivago campus in Düsseldorf, Germany. The event is aimed primarily at IT students, but the admission rules are not terribly strict — basic-to-intermediate coding and problem-solving skills suffice, and many candidates sent in code samples which were so advanced that we were quite impressed. In the end, we also had a physicist on board.

Read PHPUnit Code Sprint at trivago Offices, Oct. 13th/14th

PHPUnit Code Sprint at trivago Offices, Oct. 13th/14th

You do not run a successful, stable software project over several years without some amount of automated testing. If several dozens of developers are working on the same code base, the need for test automation becomes even greater. After all, their changes might have unintended effects on other people's code, or on certain edge cases that will not be noticed until the changes go live — and maybe not even then.