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Read How to substantially slow down your Node.js server

How to substantially slow down your Node.js server

Back in March 2022, after spending a considerable amount of effort migrating our monolithic Node.js GraphQL server from Express to Fastify, we noticed absolutely no performance improvements in production. That hit us like a bombshell, especially because Fastify performed exceptionally well in our k6 load tests in staging, where it responded to HTTP requests 107% (more than two times) faster on average than Express!

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Read Large Scale CSS Refactoring at trivago

Large Scale CSS Refactoring at trivago

While our company and our application were constantly growing, we often ran into some consistency issues between code and design. Because we didn't have a design/frontend system and development guidelines to follow, our UI became cluttered and unsustainable. This caused maintenance issues, slowed down our UI Development and caused us to produce technical debt with an overcomplicated CSS/DOM structure. In the end, we were afraid of spending our time on figuring out crazy rendering bugs rather than rapidly developing new UI features. I gave a lightning talk at the beginning of 2015 to present what we had learned at the LeanUX Meetup in Düsseldorf.

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